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Online Content Resources for Your Speech

Many good resources to provide content for your speeches are available online, here are those that we find the most useful and best-maintained.  (Remember to visit Nitro's Book Club for the best printed resources available)


Online News & Current Events Sites rivals or exceeds its TV predecessor in depth, variety, and sheer amount of content.  If you don't find a story on it here, then it probably didn't happen.  Strongly Recommended as a great place to start for online news.

The AP Wire

The Associated Press is among the most widely-known and respected news organizations in the world.  Most international and national stories in your Newspapers come from the AP.  "The Wire" has a great collection of stories that you can get free, sometimes before the papers do.  Highly Recommended as CN's favorite online news site.

US News & World Report

The online version of this well known magazine contains several features including full-text articles from the current issue and a searchable archive.

USA Today Online

Though less "distinguished" than other sources, the USA Today website has plenty of news, and a pop-culture component that is often missing in the AP for instance.

The Economist Online

Can't pay the $115.00 a year for the best extemp resource in the world?  Well, too bad, because the full online version costs too.  However, Economist's website does have several lead stories from each issue on the web, so at least you can gradually build up a healthy serving of "Economist" citations.  Don't pass up the chance at even a little of this excellent resource for your files!

Other Online Research Sources

The Legal Information Institute

Maintained by Cornell Law School, the LII is quite simply the best federal law site on the web, with complete searchable U.S. code, Supreme Court decisions, Constitutional resources, and more.  If you are looking for legal evidence, this should be the first and last place you ever look. 


"Fedstats" is a searchable index of more than 70 federal agencies that produce statistics.  If you're looking for statistical evidence on any subject, you'll probably find it here.  A must if you're looking for credible first-hand studies and statistics.


National Forensics League

This is the NFL's official site, with general information, rules, manuals, and forms for Districts, Nationals, and congress, and some links. However, it does often experience some technical difficulties and is slow to load.

OSSAA Speech Center

For CN's fellow Oklahomans, the OSSAA Speech Site has the complete 1999-2000 Handbook online.  This is a great place to find the complete rules of competition as well as information on tournaments.


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