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Captain Nitro and Associates

Who is Captain Nitro?

    Some say Nitro is a man, others that he is a myth, still others say that he is composite character based on both William Wallace and Robert the Bruce.  The real answer lies somewhere amongst these.  Captain Nitro is one pseudonym of Brady Henderson, a former competitor in acting, speaking, and debate, who now judges and coaches competitors from several schools in his home state of Oklahoma.  A quad-ruby member of the National Forensics League and former chapter president, Henderson has won at both State and National competitions in his three year career as a "speechy."  He is now a Junior at the University of Oklahoma Honors College, majoring in Letters and Political Science.  The name "Captain Nitro" began as a simple joke, but has since taken on an identity of its own.  Captain Nitro has become an object of lore in many circles.  And yes, in case you're wondering, the Captain is a superhero.  As to what superheroic powers the Captain has, there is great debate, but he does have them.  The CN Symbol, used throughout this website, conveys the  power and protection of Nitro on all to which it is affixed. 

Why did he create this site?

    The Captain became increasingly frustrated with the difficultly in finding useful, up-to-date resources on the internet for speech and debate activities, and thus sought to create a site where competitors and coaches could come to find the best of what the web has to offer quickly and easily.

The Captain welcomes any input anyone has for this site, as it is designed as a service to the forensics community.  Please e-mail questions, comments, or requests to



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