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The Current National Forensics League Topic

September/ October 2000 NEW

Resolved:  Colleges and universities have a moral obligation to prohibit the public expression of hate speech on their campuses.

Other Topics

Future Resolutions

Current master list of the possible LD topics from which NFL will choose this year's five resolutions.

Previous Resolutions

Old Resolutions going back to January 2000, useful for practice or as archives.


Online LD Resources

Many Lincoln-Douglas Debate resources are available online, here are those that we find the most useful and best-maintained.  (Remember to click on the current resolution for topic-specific resources and topic analysis.)

General LD Information Sources

Mike's Abode

Quite possibly one of the best debate sites on the web.  It contains up-to-date topic information, old cases and philosophy resources, and even tournament schedules and a message board.  Highly recommended to all LD Debaters.

Toga LD

An excellent and extensive site with everything from lessons to topic analysis to a wide range of publications, maintained by the coaches and students of Saratoga High School.  Definitely a must-visit for the beginning or novice debater, but recommended for all.

Meredith's Debate Page

A Personal site with lots of information on LD Debate, as well as links, maintained by a former competitor from Oklahoma.  Her "Debate Tips," Recommended Reading," and "Common Values and Criteria," are all must-sees for the developing debater.

Research Sites

West Coast Publishing

West coast, one of the best lines of LD topic briefs, has an excellent site with free topic analysis and evidence for the current topic.  It also contains some excellent philosophy resources and links, as well as plenty of research tools.  Recommended as the best online resource of any debate material company.

Victory Briefs 

Also a well-known publisher of debate materials, this LD Debate section has some topic discussion, but mainly has an extensive list of recommended source material.  Recommended for the varsity debater looking for deep full length source materials.

The LD Evidence Shack

An extensive searchable collection of free evidence for the LD Debater.  Though it is sometimes a topic behind in its updating. 

The Legal Information Institute

Maintained by Cornell Law School, the LII is quite simply the best federal law site on the web, with complete searchable U.S. code, Supreme Court decisions, Constitutional resources, and more.  If you are looking for legal evidence, this should be the first and last place you ever look.


"Fedstats" is a searchable index of more than 70 federal agencies that produce statistics.  If you're looking for statistical evidence on any subject, you'll probably find it here.  Recommended to anyone seeking pragmatic information from credible sources.

Philosophy Pages

Without question the most in-depth, complete philosophy resource on the web.  It contains a dictionary, philosopher pages, and more.  Strongly recommended as the best place to go for philosophy on the web.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

This is probably one of the best and most credible philosophy resources on the web today, but unfortunately not as complete as "Philosophy Pages."   The encyclopedia is fully indexed and contains many excellent articles for the philosophical debater.


National Forensics League

This is the NFL's official site, with general information, rules, manuals, and forms for Districts, Nationals, and congress, and some links. However, it does often experience some technical difficulties and is slow to load.

OSSAA Speech Center

For CN's fellow Oklahomans, the OSSAA Speech Site has the complete 1999-2000 Handbook online.  This is a great place to find the complete rules of competition as well as information on tournaments.



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