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*Now that CN's webmaster is back from his summer in Israel on an archeological dig, you can expect updated material all through September.  Enjoy! 

The site is also gradually updating to this newer, better (or at least different) look.



Welcome to CN's Online Chat Room, a place for competitors and coaches to converse online.  The free Chat Room requires no software, downloads, or signups; simply input a nickname and chat away.

Want to see more chat features, like specific rooms for LD, Extemp, etc., or private rooms for teams or specific groups?  Let us know your thoughts at


To begin chatting, simply input a nickname in the field below (no need to worry about the e-mail or channel fields) and then push the "Connect" button.  Make sure that your nickname is unique, as this chat applet gives you a nasty message and an arbitrary "guest" name if you attempt to use a name already taken.

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