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  "The Most Important Forensics Web Site, Ever"

Welcome to Captain Nitro Online, your home on the Internet for Speech and Debate.  Just use the links at left to find the latest resources for forensics on the World Wide Web...

(Now online as of March 29th, CN Online will be continually expanding resources all through the month of April.  Be sure to check back as more becomes available.)







The May-June NFL Nationals LD Debate Topic is in, and topic analysis is coming.  Check it out first at CN's LD Debate Center...

Ever wish you had a place for online forensics chatting that didn't require software or memberships?  Click here for CN's Online Chat...

Do you have a question on speech and debate or just want to be heard?  Post your thoughts today on CN's Message Board...

If you're working on an Original Oratory or competing in Extemporaneous Speech, look no further than CN's Speech Center...

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